Are there child care arrangements?

We have a nursery for toddlers where parents are welcome to drop them off prior to worship.

For parents who want to stay with their child or children, we have a sound-equipped room with a window allowing all to see what’s happening inside the sanctuary.

We also have a Children’s message each week for all who wish to come forward.

I see you have communion at most of your services. I’m not a member may I receive the sacrament?

In Holy Communion, Christ assures us we receive his body and blood through the elements of bread and wine. If you have gone through first communion instruction, and believe in the promise of the forgiveness of sins, you are welcome to partake.  If your home congregation would be wary of your participation, we encourage you to give that your due consideration. Let your conscience direct you.

Can I set up a meeting with your Pastor?

Absolutely. If you fill out a visitor card and mark you would like a call, you will receive a call early in the week.  E-mails could also be sent or call the office.